My name is Jamshid Sanei. I was born in Iran and grew up in a middle class family. I went to elementary school Isa Bahrami at Monirieh Street. I went to high schools Fartash, Sahand and Alborz. In spite I had good result in my diploma. I could not succeed national entrance examination maybe it was my luck. Because I entered college of literature and foreign languages where I felt in love for the fist time and got accounted with many good persons who I have never forgotten. I directed a play called "No, it is raining" with Ghasem Fasihi and Eshagh Toghiani as players. I made a short film called "Accident" with Tofigh Asadi Rashedi and Masood Molavi as players.
For some reason I could not finish my study and 1976 moved to Sweden. But After so called revolution I came back to Iran and finished my study in college of literature and foreign languages. 1980 I married with my wife Mahin Safari who was student as well. We moved together back to Sweden. 1988 I began to study applied computer science in Uppsala University and got Master of Science in 1993. I have worked for ABB Atom and some years in Malaysia. Now I am working as computer teacher and teach Robottechnique, database, network and complex mathematics and make short films with my students as hobby.

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